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Dushan Sekulich (Dushan Sekulich), world renowned accordion virtuoso, inspires worldwide audiences on his numerous solo concerts in Europe, Asia and Australia. Born in Sarajevo in 1985, at the age of 5 he started playing accordion, and soon developed interest in classical music.

Maestro Dushan Sekulich stands out among performers of classical music thanks to his appearance, attitude, and above all, virtuosity. His style is distinguished by exceptional technical precision and innovation in the performance of classical compositions.

He has reached highest level of accordion playing skill. In addition, he strives to change the classical music performer cliché by bringing great energy into his performances. Equally masterfully he plays classical music, jazz, folk music, as well as pop music covers. However, as he says, classical music remains his greatest challenge and inspiration.

Compositions by Brahms, Bach, Mozart, Frank Angelis have been given new value and unique sound in lavish interpretations by virtuoso, just the same as his covers of world hits such as Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson, Master of Puppets by Metallica, Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake, and others.

He attained Magister's degree at Franz Schubert conservatory in Vienna, Austria, with the highest grade. During his studies he was mentored by Mr. Jovica Đorđević (Yovitsa Georgevich), one of the best accordion players in the world, well known for his exceptional technique.

With his assistance and guidance, Sekulić developed his technique, while building particular style in interpretation of both classical music and other genres. Stylistic diversity is what distinguishes Sekulić and makes his recognizable approach to accordion playing.

Sekulić's discipline in practicing and preparation of the performances, built over the years, is also worth noting. It enables him to get to the essence of each of the compositions he performs. His performances are characterized by noticeable energy and sensitivity.

In addition to superb artistic achievements in interpreting classical music, maestro Dushan Sekulich recently released his own compositions. Performed with his band, his compositions combine different styles of music: classical, pop, rock, jazz, metal, and reggae sounds with ethno music. One of the most recognizable among these compositions is Memories (Syechanye - Remembrance).


New single "Smooth criminal".28.4.2014.

First singl from new album presented in the summer of 2014. Song "Memories".27.12.2013.


In association with Invenio Films in february 2014. finished video for song "Memories".27.2.2014.


Maestro Dushan Sekulich stands out among performers of classical music thanks to his appearance, attitude, and above all, virtuosity.

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